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Larka/Siren| Just a number | Female

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Honestly, I am not a scary person. Though don't be startled if I suddenly use caps I am often hyper. Feel Free to speak to me I am always open to talk!


Commissions: Open
Requests: Ask
Art Trades: Ask
Collabs: Ask

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:iconforgetsanity: :iconjaysadoptable: :iconmischievousraven::iconeulas::iconstar-waffle::iconsonsationalcreations::iconwanderingwolverine::iconartbeginshere:

My amazing adopted babies

Thank you all

I finally got around to making buttons. I will be linking them shortly to places you can see my adopts!


These are more adopted babies. Feel free to draw them, but do not claim them as your own. Also, let me know if you ARE drawing them

Artist Credits
:iconstoryshepherd: :icontvcranium: :iconartbeginshere: :iconmischievousraven:

Art Status

Art Status

Purple Space | Stamp by PuniPlush
To Do List Purple Space | Stamp by PuniPlush
Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari
Starting - Progress bar - Starting by xXNightcallerXx
Sketching - Progress bar - Sketching by xXNightcallerXx
Lining - Progress bar - Lining by xXNightcallerXx
Coloring - Progress bar - Coloring by xXNightcallerXx
Shading - Progress bar - Shading by xXNightcallerXx
Finished - Progress bar - Finished by xXNightcallerXx

Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari


Created by Spiceferret

Purple Space | Stamp by PuniPlush
Art Owed Purple Space | Stamp by PuniPlush
Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari

Manip of Arho *paid*
5-Stamps *paid*
YCH Quillfox *Paid*


I will pay those I have asked for quotes from. But then that will be it.

Any adopts and such will be included into being paid for.

Raffles, Commissions, RP, and More

Sat Feb 11, 2017, 6:13 AM
Alright, since I have a lot to go through just be ready for a long Journal. It will have multiple updates to raffles and other things as I don't to have 9,001 journals each time I see a new raffle :) So, keep looking back for updates!

Due, to everything happening within the last 48 hours. I will probably be cutting communications with everyone. No more livestreams or anything like that. I will quietly pay all that I owe and remain to myself on here.

Thanks for any Likes, Favs, or comments.


Design Seeking

Design Seeking CS wants★★★★★ -- Indicates what I am MOST searching for.

Top priorities  *CS*
Quilldogs  * :iconMischievousRaven:*
 CcCats :iconWellhidden: ★★★★

Sorry all I am looking for right now.
Literally anything else that is not listed by the people I am looking for. Low quality designs / point designsDesigns that are feminine / girly

Larka Merge By Spiceroll-daxc34b by Larkathewolfofheaven


Eviction - Emergency COM (low prices)So, if you read my status post an hour or so ago, here is what I am going to tell you. You can skip to the bottom if you want. I simply wanted to offer the whole story.
The holidays are about family and being together. Every year I see stories and journals about people whining they didn't get this or that. Or how they were embarrassed in front of someone or family. Some complain about not going on a vacation or other nonsense.
This year for the Holiday season, I got some awesome artwork from a couple people, including my roommate Jenova-Cells. I will have a gift box from WolfOfTheAlphakings, I got a gift card from my dad. However I also spent Christmas Eve celebrating my step-nephew's second birthday, along with all the family drama birthdays and step-relatives bring. A bit awkward but nothing unreasonable.
Christmas dinner was great until the very end and my mom decided to yell at Jenova over fucking nothing. Mom had brought up a sore topic and under

Pay-What-You-Want Headshot Commissions -OPEN-★ Rules
★ This is not first come, first serve. I reserve the right to decline a commission and to work out of order.
Payment upfront is required - No refunds.
★ Please DO NOT send payments before I confirm your order.
★ I can show WIPs before the final product if you ask.
★ I may use any art I create as examples for advertisement purposes. I will give proper credit at all times.
★ These are points and/or paypal, I will not accept mixed payment methods with these commissions.
I will not take less than 50:points: and/or 100:points: or less than $1.00 I feel my art is at good quality to be worth more than 10:points:.
The more you pay, the more you get. If you pay 500:points:/$5.00 or over you can acquire some of my experimental shading and effects.
PLEASE DO NOT RUSH ME. I promise I well get done with your commi

Larka Merge By Spiceroll-darnj1b by Larkathewolfofheaven


Raffle - win a 150x150 pixel - ends 17th FebruaryI want to hold another raffle. Why? Because I want to, and I hope you will join! :D
- I also just now realized that it's been a year since I did my last 150x150 pixel. Time sure fly by fast. Another reason to do this!
- I am also aware that I still have my request-gift journal open and lots of lovely characters to choose from, but I sort of want someone to help me come up with an idea for a 150x150 pixel, so the winner will help me with that. The help I'll be needing might be the pose (sitting, standing), and/or animation (most likely animation). 
The request(-gift) journal that you can feel free to join: Allowing me to draw your character 
If no one enters, I'm just gonna see if I can pull myself into drawing one of my own characters. Probably good being forced into that.
Prize: An animated 150x150 pixel
Examples of my 150x150 pixels can be found here:

Ends Feb 17th


Request Box- OPEN!Well I've wanted to do this because I honestly love drawing things for people. Also I think I need more practice so that's another reason. So yeah! 
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! - Will do
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! -No thanks
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!Furries
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Humans
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! gay stuff 
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! sensual couple poses
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! gore
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Fanart
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Animals
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!Pokemon
 Any fetish art of any kind
Rules and Stuff

   FREE BUST + and more*edit
I could maybe even draw smth bigger or smaller <3
Like a scene drawing or a little pixel ;A; <3
I love drawing bust's lately.. so why not doing some for free?
I'll only draw a character I like.. so
Pls comment with some ref's of your characters and I will choose :heart:
I don't know how much I'll do and how long it takes c:
I'll feature your comment if I like a character
It could be that I won't draw him.
So pls don't be upset if you won't get anything ;A; <3
It would be awesome if you could share this journal :heart:
So more ppl get a chance oAo
What I can draw:
-gore stuff
I WONT draw

*Still open?


Feb 20, 2017
7:05 am
Feb 18, 2017
3:13 pm
Feb 18, 2017
12:50 pm
Feb 18, 2017
8:53 am
Feb 17, 2017
10:59 pm


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